Our Company

Our Company

Luxacraft Phils., Inc. was incorporated in 1985 with wooden baby cribs and nursery furniture as its main product. The latter part of 1989 saw the production of baby cribs for export to EvenFlo USA attesting to the company’s capability to meet the strict quality standards of the US.

In 1991, Luxacraft Phils., Inc. then succeeded in venturing into the design and fabrication of display modules for visual merchandising for the local retailers industry. The Luxawall slatwall system was eventually introduced to further create flexibility for merchandise display which up to present continues to be accepted and adopted.

1993 saw the emergence of the real estate development which contributed to the construction boom. The excitement created by the construction boom paved the way for the company to search for means to address the increasing demand for pre-fabricated modular kitchen cabinetry as well as bedroom closets.

The acquisition of German made CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machineries and equipments was undertaken to mass produce modular cabinet system efficiently. Since then our Euroline modular kitchen cabinet and bedroom closet system is one of the major contributors for the construction industry.

Subsequently, to further satisfy the clamor for new products for residential, commercial and industrial construction requirements, the Spazio toilet partition and the Decolux mdf mouldings were introduced in 1996. Environment friendly materials like MFC and MDF boards were used to address the already diminishing timber resources in the global market. Furthermore, the introduction of the Impression membrane pressed doors in the market offered flexibility in door designs, multiple color selections and finishes.

Then in 1998 the company introduced PAR-KY wood veneer flooring, Kendall laminated flooring to offer alternative durable wooden floor finishes which are both easy to install and maintain. At the start of the new century year 2001, exciting new products like the STARON 100% Acrylic solid surface by Samsung for countertops were introduced to answer the ever growing demand for non-porous countertops.

The AluMix structural system for bedroom closet totally revolutionize a new concept for flexible closet construction. The various new sections available from AluMix with its outstanding anodized finishes offer unlimited new possibilities for sliding and swing doors and multiple aluminum furniture. Application of the FROSTIK color sandblast films can further enhance the popular minimalist effect for glass finishes.

In 2005, the company started to distribute the quality stainless steel sink from Coni International of South Korea. The company then proceeded to introduce the ( BOS ) Bio Oil Separator as an alternative to the Grease Trap being adopted by the local Construction Industry. The BOS has the patent pending and offer better solution for trapping used kitchen oil and offer easy installation and cleaning method.

All these developments brought about by the company are made possible due to the construction industry’s acceptance and adoption of the modular system, the singular solution to the ever growing demand for mass production and the search for products that are keeping pace with the fast developing trend around the world. Luxacraft Phils., Inc. intends to play an important role in developing new concepts and ideas to further help complement the construction industry needs.

The company constant search for new ideas and new products help maintain our position as one of the country’ leading manufacturer of modular system and also as a major source and supplier of various constructions materials and interior finishes.