Handsome and functional, our system offers affordable storage solutions that leave no wasted space. And with easy installation and a wide range of components and accessories to choose from (from multiple colour safety glass door, melamine shelves to cross-section aluminum hanger rods to organizer special use.) It’s also one of the most versatile!

Made from the highest grade Aluminum in the industry, Alumix system holds up to 15kg per lineal foot. Easy-maintenance, corrosion free. Alumix construction helps keep your storage space dust-free and allows immediate visibility of stored items.

Unlike other wardrobes, it can be easily disassembled and reconfigured to meet changing needs!

Just bring along your floor plan, we’ll help you create new storage solutions and reclaim space you never knew you had! Our closet experts will custom design your closet For Free!

With the Alumix system is easy:
“Step one, you’re almost done!”